Tuesday, July 8, 2014

State of the Collin

Without our beloved Heather (two more weeks!!), the summer has been a bit of a blur around here.

1. Collin had a slew of appointments, but nothing more resulted than 'watching' and 'tweaking'. Sometimes I'm still overwhelmed with gratitude to be in this long period of relative stability.

2. Collin and I were guest speakers at a ketogenic diet conference at our local children's hospital. The attendees were primarily doctors, nurses, and other health professionals and we had such a great time sharing Collin's story, how we 'do the diet', and answering all kinds of interesting questions. We're thinking about taking our act on the road.

3. Just like every good summer, this one has been packed with fun and relaxation already. Here is proof.

Peas in a pod.
Trying out the playground at our pal
Grace's birthday party.
Sunday morning on the patio.
There's no nap like a pool nap.
Walking the pedestrian bridge.
Cousin time.
Blueberry picking.
Collin supervises. Closely.
Happy Fourth of July!
Firecrackers! (Daddy is running from the flames off camera.)
My faves.