Thursday, May 15, 2014

In Other News

It's not that I forgot to mention the fact that Collin is standing up by himself. It's more that I was waiting around, hoping it was a real thing and not a fluke.

It's real.

It all started about a month ago when Collin suddenly decided he loved his treadmill therapy again. His leg movements got all reciprocal (left-right-left-right) and his intensity was off the charts. So, we decided to run with it and started an intense burst of treadmill therapy.

Around the same time, we got a new kind of orthotics (we like to call them 'standing shoes' around here) that use a different material and design to create compression on Collin's feet while also freeing his toe joints to move more naturally. Almost immediately, we knew something was working.

First, there was this.

Then there was this. He has help from the harness if he falls, but he's bearing his own weight and using his hand to brace himself.

And then there was this when I came home from running errands last week. I won't insult anyone's intelligence by trying to describe what it was like.

And our Upsee should be on its way any day now. Hold on to your butts.


  1. Absolutely ALL SMILES here. Yay Collin! You go, little man.

  2. I. Am. Crying. Those last pictures destroyed me! Go, Collin!

  3. Ahhhh!! I love this and am praising God for His good gifts! Go Collin!