Friday, May 23, 2014

Collin's Chore

Everybody pulls their weight in a happy household, and Collin is no exception. He sometimes keeps me company in the kitchen or cheers me on while I vacuum (I have never in my life seen a kid so enraptured by a vacuum cleaner), but his primary responsibility is getting the mail.

In our current living situation, that involves hopping on the trusty tricycle, leading Mama to the mail area, impatiently trying to ride away while she gets the mail out, pedaling around the bank of mailboxes three to twenty-seven times, and then carrying the mail home.

His favorite part of this job, by far, is riding around the bank of mailboxes. It must be some combination of the super smooth concrete and the shade and the mailbox pattern flashing by, but he rides it like his own private racetrack. We've only had a couple of close calls with neighbors trying to get their mail during race time. One of these days hopefully he'll get interested in steering.

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