Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Our Halloween was so low key that I forgot to write about it. Thanks to all for the not-so-subtle reminders.

Collin attended his first trunk-or-treat this year. He passed on the candy but got to see a cool fire truck.

Lumberjack Collin

Apparently, lumberjack is no longer part of the shared cultural experience, because our most common guesses were hipster and axe murderer. As if. The closest was "tree cutting man." Sigh.

See if you can see Collin's 5 o'clock shadow.

It was fun for a short while, but ultimately the commotion was a bit much for him, so we grabbed the cousins and some popcorn and went to the park to feed the ducks and geese, which he much preferred.

Halloween night came with very appropriate dreary weather, so he stayed home in his skeleton shirt and Halloween tattoos and watched The Legend of Sleepy Hollow cartoon for the fifteenth time (there is no limit). 

Checking out his spider/web craft accompanied by his
new favorite toy (thanks Grandpa!) and his happy pumpkin
(thanks sweet neighbor!)
Now bring on Thanksgiving!!

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  1. Telia has been wearing Collins old skeleton pj's. I love having Collin's hand me downs. Love the lumber jack look :)