Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Vacay 2013

What with the upheaval from selling our house and moving and the financial heebie jeebies that come along with trying to build a house, we decided to forego our beloved beach trip this year. We opted, instead, for that terrible term but delightful idea: a staycation.

We canceled all appointments (except for an EEG that was too hard to reschedule) and stopped making lists and flew by the seat of our pants about as much as two Type-A workaholics and a supremely schedule sensitive 4 year-old can manage.

Well, let me tell you, it was just what the doctor ordered. Kyle and I got to go on a few dates, we all went to the pool multiple days, visited the farm, and generally just enjoyed our little selves, whether we were out doing something fun or lazing at home.

The only bad thing about a staycation: when I'm away on vacation, I start to miss home by about the 6th day, which helps me to be ready for the end of vacation; but, because I was already at home this week, there was nothing to slow down my momentum and I really, really wanted to just keep on sailing through VacayLand (which, as you know, is a real place) with my boys.

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  1. Look like a perfect week! Love that picture with the giraffe.