Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Collin's First Bike

It's red and shiny and he looks amazing on it. 

By the end of the session, he was giving Ms. Michelle not-so-subtle signals by pushing hard on the pedals to get her to let go so he could go faster. 

And also, I cried.

First Tricycle Ride from Annie Kratzsch on Vimeo.


  1. Collin you are awesome!!!! And now I am crying too!! Love-Karen

  2. LOVE it! Is this an AmTryke? Ethan got one a year and a half ago and he loves it! And the kids in the neighborhood think it's cool too. Can't wait to see more videos of him riding around in it! So proud of Collin.

  3. First bike rides are so super sweet! Way to go with that pedaling!

  4. He looks so great on it! I loved being able to see him last week and get to watch him on his bike. I don't think I realized it was a new thing...I would've made a bigger deal out of it if I had realized