Friday, April 26, 2013


We went to Cincinnati this weekend for checkups and evaluations and second opinions. But I don't really feel like talking about any of that. Because Monday, our pal Talon passed away unexpectedly. Not that you can ever really be prepared for something like that. So right now, we're just thinking constantly of our friends, his family, and remembering the little moments from this weekend that really mattered.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

An Unexpected Pain

So, there are the caring, poetic doctors who seem to understand your child and your situation and make you feel like everything is okay.

And then there are the doctors you don't see until you've been waiting two hours.

Who use the phrases "kids like him" and "kids like that." Repeatedly.

Who don't look you in the eye when they shake your hand and never touch your child during the course of the appointment.

Who relay their opinion with drama rather than compassion.

Who brush off your questions and smirk at your concerns.

We saw one of those doctors last week. Except the appointment was even worse than I describe here. I've just now recovered from the experience enough to write about it and I've started to draft the letter that I will be sending to the entire practice to explain why we are never coming back. And since I can't sort out my dislike for and distrust of the doctor from his diagnoses, we have an appointment for a second opinion in Cincinnati in a little over two weeks.