Monday, December 3, 2012

A Smile for Your Monday

Today was Collin's last PT appointment before our big holiday and his beloved therapist sent home a gait trainer for us us to experiment with over the break. When it was time to go, she spontaneously asked if I wanted Collin to walk the walker to the van.

By this point, he had been in walkers and gait trainers for an hour, so his legs were pretty much dead, but he was still completely holding himself upright from the torso up, almost as if it felt natural to him. It was the warmest December day I remember and the breeze was blowing and the sun wasn't overly bright so his eyes weren't freaked out. He genuinely enjoyed himself and seemed totally aware of what he was doing.

It reminded me in a way of the day Collin rode in the grocery cart for the first time, in that he didn't do it at all like other kids, but the end result was such a beautiful, warped version of normal that it took my breath away.

Walking to the Van from Annie Kratzsch on Vimeo.


  1. Pretty much the same comment as always, I. LOVE. COLLIN!!!!!!!! Precious little doll, wind blown hair like a little model!! Hehehe!!

  2. Love it! I love videos of Collin!

  3. YAY for Collin in his Big Boy Walker...I knew he would love it...Jaden loves his's his only form of's such great exercise for him even if he's just standing in it...I remember when Jaden first started to walk in his...he bumped into everything because of his vision he really loves to crash it into things just to hear the out furniture here comes Collin :) also so sorry I haven't called you back about the's been super crazy for us...

  4. What? How did I miss Collin gait training to the van? I must say, that is one good looking boy. His confidence is palpable.