Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Break

It's been a bit of a rough week. Nothing big, just enough small things to make the days difficult. One of the strangest is that, for no discernible reason, Collin stopped bearing weight on his legs last week.  He won't stand at all, no matter how much I help him, particularly when it comes to the potty. Aside from the fact that this makes my days much harder physically (I need all the help from him I can get), there's the concern that comes along with any change like this. What in the world is going on? He doesn't act like he's in pain, and he is still super active in terms of kicking. Could it be a plain old 3 1/2 year old thing? Just a phase of some kind? A physical issue? A neurological issue?

On top of that stress, Collin and I were just getting weary from too many therapies and too much running. So, I'm taking my own advice (at Kyle's urging) and taking a break. So far, we've been watching videos, reading books, playing piano, and cuddling a lot. It's a Thanksgiving break not just because the holiday falls this week, but also because I'm trying to be intentional about spending time giving thanks for Collin - not only his developments, but just who he is. I have such a tendency to dwell on and worry over the things that aren't 'right' rather than enjoying the abundant good. Here are some things I thought of today:

- Collin smiles and laughs every day. We didn't know if he would ever smile at all.

- Collin is a wonderful listener.

- Collin is somewhere between 50 and 75% potty trained. (100% when it comes to pooping - HOORAY!)

- Collin is much stronger than we ever expected he would be and his tone is so improved that the doctors are now only calling it 'slightly low.'

- Collin is fully adapted to his bipap, which allows him to sleep safely and with good oxygen levels through the night with only a couple of brief awakenings.

- Collin has had seizure control with NO MEDS for 2 years and 5 months.

- Collin took 3 steps all by himself in his TAOS walker and we have no reason to believe he won't do it again.

- At our last appointment with Dr. Awesome, he explained to another doctor that "Collin has come a LONG. WAY."

- Collin is super handsome.

I'll spare you the full list. We all have other things to do today.


  1. Such a sweet pic. As a side note, I did hear of a case where a young child stopped walking due to scurvy. But, the child refused to eat anything but 1 or 2 foods, so I doubt that's the problem unless Collin is getting very little vitamin C for some reason. It sounds more like he's just testing the waters with this little phase.

  2. Love this post. He is super handsome. He is such a perfect mix of you and Kyle

  3. I would like to add that Collin is a bit of a thrill seeker with that swing of his and also has some pretty amazing hair. ;)

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