Friday, November 30, 2012

Joyeaux Noel!

Thanksgiving Break was good for Collin. About halfway in, he started taking weight on one leg and by Monday, he was standing on both legs again for short periods. As I've talked about before, I don't get a lot of straightforward communication from Collin, but I'm taking this as his way of telling me: Seriously, I need some down time.

And why not?! Other kids get all kinds of breaks throughout the year to not think about work and sleep in and get their sillies out and just be kids.

So, we're going to run with it and make this Christmas season a true holiday (in the break/vacation sense of the word) by doing it up European style. We will be taking off the entire month of December from therapies and all unnecessary appointments. No leaving the house unless it's to do something fun.

Not that Collin is not going to be laying around the whole time. We still have our at-home program (which will probably get a little lax over the next few weeks, too) and I have some plans for working on his oral feeding skills, among other things. But this move will free up hours of time and loads of energy for fun and rest and exploration.

It's also going to be really good for me. I was looking through my camera roll on my phone this morning and realized that well over half of my pictures are of therapy sessions. We haven't had a true break in a long time and I'm pretty burned out. My day-to-day rest strategies aren't cutting it anymore and I'm getting worn down, so it's time for more drastic measures.

I can't say that I don't have my doubts and nagging guilt about it all. Nothing is that simple, especially when you have such a complicated kid. I always question myself when a decision involves skipping something beneficial for Collin (even if I know that in the big picture, skipping it will be beneficial). I wonder if it's me being selfish and imposing my wish for a break on him. I wonder if I'm misinterpreting and something more serious is going on. I wonder if people will think I'm crazy.

But then I take a deep breath, I remember that I have the full support of Kyle and all of Collin's therapists, and I listen to that small but persistent mama voice telling me to put down that orthotic and take Collin to the zoo.

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  1. You are so wise. Praise God for the return of Collin's leg strength! I know he had prayer warriors battling for him, but it gives me such great strength and hope to maintain my endurance as a parent when I read this post. You and Kyle are such inspiring parents.