Monday, October 8, 2012


Well, folks. Collin prefers to get his sickness over with in the September-October range and this year he was right on time. Let's hope this is really it for several months at least, because it was a doozy.

I'll spare you the blow-by-blow, but it was a two-week ordeal involving recurring high fevers, tons of coughing and retching and choking, constant oxygen saturation monitoring and some oxygen treatment, multiple breathing treatments, an antibiotic, and lots and lots of worry on my part. He had just had a small cold back in August that didn't really faze either one of us, but this virus and its accompanying complications sent us into survival mode. Looking back, I think this is why:

1. Kyle and I both got it. So we all had it at the same time. We didn't get it as bad as Collin (until we thought everything was over and mine immediately turned into a raging secondary infection in my sinuses and ears and swelled my tonsils together), but we got it bad enough to make the sleep deprivation seem like a bigger deal. And to me, things just feel more dire when I'm sick.

2. Collin wasn't himself. This is actually a two-part reason. First, Collin has no way of telling us what is going on, so it's totally up to us to pay close enough attention and read his signs accurately. That's a lot of pressure and inevitably involves some trial and error, which doesn't feel good when you get it wrong. So, secondly, when he starts to act unlike himself or give unfamiliar cues, we have to try to determine whether it is just 'normal' effects of the illness, or more serious side effects that Collin is prone to because of his medical and neurological history. All of this adds up to lots of staring and thinking.

3. The longer/more sever the sickness, the greater the threat of seizures. No need to expound on this one.

4. Sickness means isolation for us. It's much, much harder to even leave the house when Collin is sick. So, unless we invite people over to our germ-infested house, we don't see anyone for a long time. At first, this is actually fine because it takes so much energy and focus to keep on top of things during at the beginning of a sickness, but after 10 or more days, it gets to be hard.

The good news is that we're all on the mend and back on track. I'm working on the camera situation, so I hope to have some pictures or video soon. In the meanwhile, I'll be updating soon on some recent doctors appointments and therapy developments.


  1. Glad he's better (and you, too). Praying it stays that way.

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