Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some Silliness

I have a writing accountability partner. I check in with her every day to report that I've fulfilled my commitment to write a minimum of 45 minutes (and she does the same with me). Some days I journal, some days I blog, some days I churn out a little impromptu fiction, and some days I end up doing more thinking than writing. Recently my partner proposed a simple prompt to help out on those days when it's hard to break through the inertia: adventure.

Yesterday, Collin and I found ourselves with 45 minutes before Daddy was scheduled to come home. I was tired. But I hadn't written yet. So, we threw some pillows on the floor and settled in to write an adventure story together. It's a little silly and very rough, but we thought you might enjoy a bit of diversion in your day!

The Adventures of Collin

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Collin. He was 3. But he was no ordinary 3 year old. He was a cowboy-astronaut-deep-sea-diver-evangelist 3 year-old. It’s hard to believe that someone so young could be so good at so many things, but I’m here to tell you that it is true.

Collin lived with his mom and dad (of course, he was only 3!) in a brick house with a big porch that wrapped all the way from the front to the back and to the front again. When he wasn’t away on an adventure, Collin’s favorite thing to do was to sit on that porch with his parents and listen to the summer bugs while he waited for hummingbirds to stop by the red flowers his mom had planted all around the house. His yard was so huge that it was really more than a yard. It had a big garden where his family grew their food. It had chickens that ran around happily pecking for bugs and laying beautiful brown eggs. It had fruit trees and bushes that grew sweet treats for all to share. And it had Collin’s trusty dog, Cheeky. Cheeky got his name because he wasn’t very good at understanding social boundaries and was a little on the pushy and mouthy side. But he had a good heart and he and Collin were a great pair.

On this particular afternoon, Collin and Cheeky were sitting quietly, enjoying a surprising breeze in the shade of the giant porch. All of a sudden, his neighbors ran into the yard, yelling in alarm. His neighbors were also his Uncle Kevin and Aunt Tessa. “Help!” they cried! “Someone has taken Ila!”

Ila was Collin’s cousin and had been his best friend ever since she was born. No one could mess with Ila and get away with it.

Collin called for his parents and when they heard what was going on, they knew Collin would be heading out to track down these bad guys, so they grabbed his cowboy hat and packed him some dinner and down the porch ramp Collin rolled.

Rolled?! That’s right, this cowboy-astronaut-deep-sea-diving-evangelist was also a wheelchair-driving superhero.

It wasn’t long before Collin spotted the dust cloud far ahead that meant that he was gaining on the kidnappers. So he kicked it into high gear and soon rode them down.

The two bad guys each held one of Ila's hands tightly. They looked grumpy and like they needed a bath. When they turned around and saw Collin, they sneered. “Oh look, a cowboy in a wheelchair. How scary!” And then they laughed an ugly laugh that wasn’t funny at all.

Collin narrowed his eyes and waited.

“What, do you want your little friend back?!” the meanest bad guy asked. “Well, you can just come and get her!”

So Collin did. He rode straight toward Ila and the two bad guys. It looked like he wasn’t going to stop. One guy jumped one way and the other guy jumped the other way and Ila, in the middle, didn’t even flinch. She jumped right up on Collin’s lap.

“Oh no you don’t!” yelled the bad guys. They scrambled up off the ground and chased Collin. Soon, they had hold of the back of his wheelchair and Collin and Ila were stuck.

“Now you can just come with us too, Mr. Tough Guy,” said Bad Guy 1. And he pushed Collin’s wheelchair around the corner and right into the open door of a waiting rocket ship!

“3-2-1, liftoff!” yelled Bad Guy 2 and the rocket ship lifted into the air. But Collin wasn’t worried. He could tell these guys were amateurs. And he was an astronaut.

When they cleared the Earth’s atmosphere, the bad guys lost their nerve. They looked around and saw all of the blackness and were terrified. But Collin couldn’t see the blackness, so it wasn’t scary to him.

Couldn’t see it?! That’s right, this cowboy-astronaut-deep-sea-diving-evangelist couldn't see very well - he could only see beautiful, happy things like flashing lights and beautiful colors. Pretty cool trait, huh?

So when the bad guys fell trembling in fear on the ground, Collin just rolled up to the control deck and turned the rocket ship back around toward Earth.

Just as they started to reenter the atmosphere, the rocket ship started to sputter. “Oh no! I forgot to fill the gas tank!” wailed Bad Guy 1. Collin was in a tight spot. He made some bubbles to calm himself down, gave his ear a good rub, and prepared to crash land the rocket ship into the ocean.

He was able to hit the surface of the water at just the right angle that the rocket ship didn’t explode into a million pieces. But it did bust some windows and soon it began to sink.

Collin wasn’t worried, though. This cowboy-astronaut-deep-sea-diving-evangelist could hold his breath longer than anyone else he knew. He practiced all the time at home and made his parents very nervous. So before the rocket ship started sinking too fast, Collin kicked through the water out of his wheelchair and Ila (always brave and right on the same page as Collin) held onto him.

He kicked and kicked and kicked and KICKED until he burst through the surface of the ocean and took a giant, wonderful breath of air. That’s when he saw that the bad guys had been holding on to Ila’s feet. No wonder it had been so hard to kick to safety! Collin rolled his eyes, but inside, he was glad that they had survived, because everyone is valuable in the eyes of God.

Collin showed Ila and the bad guys how to relax and float on their back so they could conserve energy. He knew his parents would be looking for them and it wouldn’t be long until they were rescued.

He was right, of course. Soon, a helicopter buzzed overhead and his daddy dropped down on a rope and carried them each up to safety. His mama flew them all home and landed safely in their big, big yard.

Tessa and Kevin were waiting and they were so happy and relieved. Everyone - including the bad guys, who were hungry too - washed their hands and gathered around the table for a delicious dinner. 

During prayer, the bad guys started to cry. Sitting there at that generous table, they felt terrible about their bad choices, but they didn’t know how to change. Collin’s family told them about God and his son Jesus, who could help them, but the men didn’t believe that Jesus could love them after the terrible things they had done. Collin wanted to explain it to them even though he couldn't speak.

Couldn't speak?! That's right. This cowboy-astronaut-deep-sea-diving-evangelist couldn't even talk! At least not with words. But he reached out his hands to the bad guys and touched their arms and suddenly they understood the power of forgiveness. They admitted that they were wrong, asked Jesus for help, and started new lives with him. They always remembered that dinner with Collin’s family and they regularly sent letters for the rest of their lives.

After that, life went pretty much back to normal. Collin played with Cheeky and Ila (and eventually a new cousin, Kate!) and only very occasionally did he run into adventures that called on all of his special skills at once.


  1. Love Love Love. I just read it to Ruby and she paid attention the whole time...asking if it was real or not of course :) Now, Aunt Tessa needs to add some pictures

  2. grace and forgiveness - the Gospel in a nutshell!

    Connie Christian

  3. This is amazing!