Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Fun Boot Camp

Collin is hitting it hard this summer with two aquatherapy sessions and one hippotherapy session every week. Not to mention our own trips to the pool and the NACD therapy he does at home every day. It does my heart good to see him worn out at the end of the day from playing so hard, just like any other 3 year-old in summer.

And the result, besides a happy boy? A much stronger core, much straighter standing, much more overall body awareness. He is easier for me to get in and out of the car, up and down off the floor, onto and off of the potty. After analyzing his measurements in his most recent nutritionist appointment, we discovered that he has gained a pound and a half of pure muscle over the last two months (plus his head is still growing, indicating further brain growth!). That's pretty good for a kid who only weighs 29 pounds all together.

Here are a few pictures of his summer adventures so far.

Collin has switched to a different horse named Captain.
Captain has a much smoother gait and he and Collin have
really taken to each other.

Swimming with Daddy. We've graduated from the life vest
to swimmies!

Collin has improved significantly at every riding session.
This week he didn't complain once, pushed himself up with
his arms, and didn't take a single break for 15 minutes -
that's as long as his entire first session! He kept going for
25 minutes total.


  1. He is so freaking cute!!!! And doing so good! So glad he is having such a great summer! I need you all to move to St. Louis so I can kiss his face every single day! ;)

  2. I am positive Captain and I would also be friends.

    Has Collin ever tried a puddle jumper? We are big fans.

  3. When I see all the things my most favorite 3 guy can do, I always sing in my head the old VBS song (but change the words some):

    My Collin's so big, so strong, and so mighty...
    There's nothing my Collin can't do!

    I love you all so much, and am challenged by everyone's hard work!