Friday, June 22, 2012

Talk About a Milestone

Today marks two years since Collin's seizures stopped. He has not taken an anti-seizure drug during that time.

It's something that, given Collin's start in life, seemed unlikely to say the least. But here we are, with a healthy, happy 3 year-old whose seizures are fully controlled by the food he eats, and we can't stop thanking God for it. If it's not a miracle, it's pretty dang close.

In honor of his special day, Collin requests that you do something strictly fun or eat something purely delicious today and enjoy it fully. Our day will consist of swimming, cherries, cuddles, books, friends, and more swimming. And probably lots of smiling.


  1. It truly is a miracle!!! So happy for you all!!

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by and leaving a message on our blog. Congratulations on two years without seizures!!! That is beyond amazing. I was totally sucked in by your blog, too. I read through Collin's first year and it sounds like we've had many similar experiences with our boys from medical treatments, to equipment, our experiences with the medical establishment, etc. I kept telling my husband, "They are us except with a three year old!" I look forward to reading about what else Collin is up to!