Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Long-Awaited TAOS

After months of preparation and a 3 1/2 hour trip to Paducah, Kentucky, we finally have Collin's TAOS.

Though we were excited to pick it up, we knew that Collin might have a hard time with the lengthy fitting process and might not even tolerate being in the TAOS at all. The one they designed for him (each TAOS is totally customized - they even added Collin's name to the front and back and chose a cool orange for his accent color) did not have a head support for some reason, which I was very nervous about.

In true, Collin form, though, he did amazing. He endured the hours of fitting with almost no complaint and stood up like such a big boy as soon as we put him in the TAOS. It was surreal to see him standing there with no one touching him. He did not take any steps, which didn't surprise us. Besides the fact that he was still weak from being so sick last week, he prefers to take steps with no shoes on and with his butt sticking out behind him, and neither one of those is possible in the TAOS (which is a good thing). In a way, he is starting over. We're prepared to be patient, though, and cautiously optimistic that this will be a very good thing in the long run.

Collin's TAOS.

Collins new kicks: he wears special shoes with metal plates
installed on the sides that hook into his orthotic braces.

Going into the orthotic braces. 

The bionic Collin.

Into the TAOS for the first time!

Daddy helped him practice moving one foot and then the
other. Can you believe how great he looks?!

Daddy and Billy, the orthotist, worked on adjustments
up till the last minute. 


Collin also wanted me to give a big shout out to our special friends, the Hollands and Hughes, for making our trip extra memorable with a wonderful place to stay, lots of quality hang-out time, laughter, and good food. We always love a good excuse to see them.


  1. WOW-I am sooo proud of you Collin!! You are amazing and I am going to have to come visit you (and your mom) very soon!! Love-Karen

  2. Hello Annie,

    My name is Todd Tyrrell. I am president of Sky Medical Inc., the company that manufactures the TAOS. Your blog was brought to my attention after Collin received his unit. I hope things are going well. I did notice that you were concerned about not having the head support. If you would still like that support, I can make one available to you. Please let me know by calling us at 888-769-6084 or going to our website www.taos1.com and click on the contact taos tab. If you ever have any questions or problems please do not hesitate to give us a call. We would be more than happy to help with anything we can!!!

    Way to go Collin!!