Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Food, Glorious Food!

Lots of people are curious about what is in Collin's ketogenic blenderized meals and have expressed interest in the particulars of making them, so here you go, folks! How to Make Collin's Food: The Photo Essay.

Start by calculating recipes for each meal using the Ketocalculator program. We make 2 different meals at a time to provide more variety in Collin's diet.

I write down how many grams of each ingredient will go in each meal, then add everything up (plus 2g for supplements and 20g for water) so I know how much to measure in each meal jar.

The supplies for one batch of meals. Each batch is 10 meals or 2 1/2 days.

The supplies for the second batch wait on another counter.

Measure out supplements, starting with Branched Chain Amino Acids. We're at 17g per batch now.

Low carb dietary fiber: 15g/batch.

Carb-free multivitamin: 5 scoops/batch.

Prepare the food. Start with melting coconut oil for easy measurement & blending.

Today I needed to steam broccoli and scramble eggs (with no butter, oil, or other additives).

Start measuring. I multiply the number in the recipe by ten and then try to get the final measurement within one gram of that number. 15g peaches/meal = 150.7 g/batch.

Slice & measure apple.

Collin's meals are predominantly fat (3 1/2 units of fat for every 1 unit of carb & protein combined).  He gets about half of his fat from extra virgin olive oil. 

I add about 20g of water per meal to get it to the right consistency for the g-tube.

Add the pre-measured supplements.

Measure and add the egg.

The other half of his fat comes from coconut oil.

Every drop & scrap of ingredient has to go in in order to maintain the correct ratio. Some people like to use a small spatula, but I find that nothing works better than a finger.

Here's the final concoction in the Vitamix (no ordinary blender could handle this - Vitamix is a great company and offers nice medical discounts on their awesome machines). Collin likes to supervise to make sure I don't mess up.

Once blended, I pour the mixture into individual meal jars.

Just like with ingredients, I keep the final measurement of the meal within 1g of the target (79g in this case). This sometimes involves scooping out when I overshoot.

I usually have to use a soft spatula to get the last few grams of food for the last meal in a batch.

On to the second batch! Here is a faster version.

Olive oil.

Salmon (already baked for today).





Coconut oil.

Blend and measure meals. The measuring is the final check to make sure you did everything right, which I did not in this case. When I got to the end of measuring, I realized that I had way more left than I should, so I went back and checked all of my steps and realized that I added incorrectly on my recipe sheet. This meal should have totaled 72g instead of 62g. It was a pretty minor mistake compared to some I've made - I just added 10 g to each jar.

5 days of nutritious, seizure-fighting, g-tube meals!


  1. Melissa WeatherwaxApril 17, 2012 at 8:53 PM

    Yum!!! You should start a cooking blog...in all your free time ;)

  2. Wow, Annie. If I never told you before...you're amazing!

  3. Wowza. You lost me at grams...which I'm PRETTY sure is some fancy math or measurement term but I'm not sure ;)

  4. All I can say is you are an amazing mom!!! Collin is sooo blessed-and so are you!!! Miss you all and always enjoy your blog!!