Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Farm

I was camped out in the basement with Collin during our own severe weather alert when I first heard that tornado warnings had been issued for the counties surrounding the farm where my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins live. When I got a call from my dad soon after, my stomach sank like a rock. He told me right away that everyone was okay, which brought simultaneous relief and worry. From our conversations over the next few hours, I could only determine that things were very wrong - wrong in a way you can't convey over the phone.

When we finally made it there the next day, here is some of what we saw:

A line of utility trucks stretching out of sight.

The garage.

Our neighbor's house.

A 'clearing' behind my grandmother's house.

My favorite barn.

The cow barn.

The old tobacco barn.

The last barn standing - mostly propped by the equipment inside.

The walk back to my parents' house.

We spent three days hooking up generators, making the inside and outside of the houses safe and cleaning up debris from the yards. The rest will be left to professionals. As with all things with my family, there was a sweetness to our time there. We made time to visit with each other, concocted meals with whatever we had, and had lots of good laughs. Collin approached it all with his usual good humor.

Most agree that the tornado was an EF3 when it passed over the farm. We are profoundly thankful for the safety of our family and for the chance to be with them during this time.


  1. Oh wow, I am so thankful that everyone is safe.

  2. Wow, Annie... Praising God for the safety of your family and thanking Him for your time together...

  3. So sorry about your family's farm, but huge praises to God for protecting their precious lives. The destruction was so horrific I have a hard time processing it all. With Henryville practically in our backyard it has really hit home... not the Great Plains this time :(