Monday, February 6, 2012

The Big Head

I'm worried that Collin is going to get the big head over all of his awesome feedback recently. Well, not really. Ego isn't one of his weaknesses.

Last Thursday, we visited Collin's geneticist-slash-neurodevelopmental-pediatrician. (We're in doctor season right now.) He confirmed that in addition to increased strength, Collin's muscle tone has improved significantly (strength can be built with exercise, but tone is neurological). He was impressed with Collin's increased use of his vision, commented on how alert and interactive he seems, and summed up by saying, "He looks better every time I see him."

Speaking of the big head, though, it got a big boy haircut this weekend. People who are turning three in the near future need to look the part.

This is his Blue Steel look.


  1. Man, Blue Steel... You have my heart!!

  2. Love, Love, LOVE that haircut! Glad he enjoyed Austin's get well tune:) Maybe a Birthday tune will follow - tell Collin to be ready for another song coming his way!

    Hope you guys are well - tell everyone hi!