Thursday, December 8, 2011

State of the Collin Address

I've been pretty miserable at keeping up on the day-to-day happenings with Collin, so I'm here to present you with another update on the recent doings of Collin the Champ.

1. Potty Magic
Collin is still doing all of his dirty business on the potty (unless Mama misses a cue) and is now peeing on the potty FOUR TO FIVE TIMES A DAY. He has had a dry diaper after his nap at least a dozen times and dry diapers in the morning twice. I keep telling him that if he figures out a way to signal 'potty' I'll buy him some cool undies.

2. String Bean
Collin is getting long and lean. The growth hormone has apparently kicked in in a major way (see No. 3, as well) and Collin is growing in length much faster than in weight. He is solidly on the charts for height and head (10th percentile - WHAAAAAT?!?!) but his weight is hanging right below the bottom line. We've had to increase his calories twice in the past two and a half months, but now we're running into some ketone issues. With the recent increase, his blood ketone levels have sunk lower than we like to keep them and we're having a hard time getting them back up. The thing is that in order to put on body fat, you need extra calories, but if you have excess calories, your body says, 'Hooray! I'm not starving anymore!' and it stops using fat as its energy source as much, which means fewer ketones (the byproduct of burning fat). We have tried making his meals at a higher fat ratio, but if that continues not to help, we might have to cut back on calories a bit again and increase more slowly.

3. Hold On To Your Butts
It was around this time last year that I first used this title. I hope it's becoming a tradition for Collin to blindside us with awesomeness in December. I've been about to pee my pants with excitement waiting to tell everyone about this, but I knew I couldn't do it without photos or video or certain people would heckle me and we don't want that now, do we?

This is from the end of a long day of program and therapy, so imagine what he can do when he's fresh!


  1. Annie! I just started following your blog about a month ago. I so appreciate your posts and Mike and I just smiled and laughed as we watched Collin stand. Thank you for your faithfulness to post and share. You point me to Christ in these posts.

  2. Awesomeness!!! GO COLLIN!!! Can't get a better X-mas present than that! :)

  3. WOW!! Your kid is stinkin' amazing -- pun intended! Pooping on the potty WAY before most kids older than he is do it (!!), and now this standing deal? We are holding on SUPER tight to our butts over here :) (And could he look any cooler with the hair-do and trendy scarf/bib?? Wondering how I can update my look... ;)

  4. Hooray! Lilias just clapped and made us re-watch! All of us Knowles' are very proud of Collin! (Lilias is saying more more more!)

  5. Best movie I've seen all year.

  6. Incredible!!! When Bob first added the sit stand to Kinsley's program I thought never in a million years, but here she is now in her Taos. Collin will be zooming around in no time!!! Go Collin!!!

  7. WOW Collin!!! I am so proud of you! You are amazing-but we all know that already!! Think I need to stop by after the holidays to give you a big hug!! Love you!