Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Collin's Countdown of Awesomeness: #5

We love a good year-end countdown around here, so we thought it would be great to finish out another very eventful year by ticking off the top 5 most incredible things Collin surprised and delighted us with.

No. 5: Another Snotsucker Revelation.

We owe a lot to the good ol' bulb syringe. One day, several months back, I was riding in the backseat with Collin and what started out as trying to help him manage his spit by sucking it out with the nasal aspirator turned into a gigglefest because of the sound and tickle. We have a hard time stopping anything that gets a good reaction out of Collin, so I naturally kept it up as long as it would work.

The big surprise came as I approached his mouth with the blue bulb syringe and Collin started laughing before I even got to his face. I was shocked. Other than flashing lights, I had never seen him react to something based solely on vision - there was always a sound or some other sensation that helped him interpret what was happening. But I hadn't made a sound. And this was an object that was not flashing, not sparkly, not boldly colored in any way. Maybe he had smelled something. I tried it more slowly, but he laughed before I could get close enough for him to smell anything. Maybe it was the shadow of my arm across his face. Nope. I tried all different angles of approach. Always with the same reaction.

This might seem like an insignificant incident to make the top 5 of the year, but it was actually a major wake-up call and insight into Collin's development. Not only was his brain able to process the image of the bulb syringe, but it understood what it had done in the past (make funny sounds and sensations), and what it was likely going to do AND triggered laughter at the anticipation of something that hadn't even happened yet. The complexity of that small interaction took my breath away and forced me to start rethinking how my Collin was perceiving his world.

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