Thursday, October 13, 2011


We finally bit the bullet and got Collin's parking permit.

Bitter: No one wants to apply for one of these, much less for their child. The fact that it reads "Permanent" across the top was a shock to me when I took it out of the envelope. I haven't been able to bring myself to actually use it yet. It seemed like a great idea when we were wishing we had it, but now that it's in the glove compartment, I can't make myself pull it out and hang it on the rearview mirror that first time.

Sweet: When I finally get past this initial reluctance, it will be sweet sweetness to have (and use) this thing. You don't realize how often people park all up in your business until you're trying to pull a 25 pound limp noodle out of a tiny sliver of door opening and then turn around and plunk him in a stroller that won't fit between your car and your clueless neighbor. It happens all. the. time. and it's a recipe for a red-faced, huffy, and sometimes weepy mama, let me tell you. I used to look longingly at those diagonal lines next to the handicapped parking spaces and all of the beautiful room they entail. And then there are the genius parking garages like the one at our neurologist/geneticist office building, that has the elevators on the opposite side of the garage from the pedway and street entrance, so if you can't park on the pedway floor or right next to the elevator, it's a massive undertaking to get you and your kiddo and everything that goes along with him to the right place. Not to mention the extra-small parking garage spaces that exacerbate the above scenario. In situations like these, we plan our entire trip around parking and I am utterly spent by the time we get back in the car.

We probably won't use the parking permit all of the time. I am able-bodied and fully capable of doing what Collin needs in most situations, so we will leave those precious spaces for people who might need them more than us. But for those other times, when just getting us in and out of the car is enough to send my sanity over the edge and into the Abyss of Frustration and Exhaustion, at least we have another option now.


  1. You have to be kidding me! We literally just broke down and did the same thing! I went Tues and got it. I laughed when the lady at the bmv asked me a question about when "emily would start driving" had to laugh or I would cry :)
    I agree about the dr and hosptial parking.

  2. We got one a few months ago and it has been a HUGE help! It is still hard to see sometimes, but ours is on the license plate, so I don't have to look at it all the time. But when the doctor checked the "permanent" box on the form... lets just say it was not my best day. We have already had a chance to use it in the hospital parking garage and I will say it was WONDERFUL! So happy for Collin's potty blog post! He is an amazing little boy!

  3. I just stumbled across this blog through your guest blog post on Salt & Nectar (which I also just found today through doing some research for work... very random).

    This post really touched me. My little sister (15 years old now) has cerebral palsy, and I remember when we first got her handicap parking pass when she was very young. It was temporary at first, since we weren't sure how her development would progress. A few years later when we renewed it, it became permanent. Funny how that one word can be so penetrating. Permanent.

    It gets easier, and it also gets more difficult. To be honest, the denial never truly goes away. I'm so glad I found you and your honest writing today. You're definitely now on my list of regular reads.

  4. Yeah, the "permanent" check mark was a little traumatic, but it's just so we don't have to renew it every 6 months. That's what I tell myself. :)
    Given his rate of potty training, I don't put anything past that boy of yours! :) Hugs!