Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Tuesday

To brighten your Tuesday, here is a snippet of awesomeness from our time feeding the ducks with Collin this weekend. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

In Case You're Interested...

I am guest posting for the fine ladies over at Salt & Nectar today.

Also, (I KNOW you're interested in this) Collin has now added peepee to his potty repertoire. Definitely not consistently (you can almost see him working to hold it until you get the diaper back on him most of the time), but he enjoys hearing a nice tinkle every once in a while, which is good motivation.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


We finally bit the bullet and got Collin's parking permit.

Bitter: No one wants to apply for one of these, much less for their child. The fact that it reads "Permanent" across the top was a shock to me when I took it out of the envelope. I haven't been able to bring myself to actually use it yet. It seemed like a great idea when we were wishing we had it, but now that it's in the glove compartment, I can't make myself pull it out and hang it on the rearview mirror that first time.

Sweet: When I finally get past this initial reluctance, it will be sweet sweetness to have (and use) this thing. You don't realize how often people park all up in your business until you're trying to pull a 25 pound limp noodle out of a tiny sliver of door opening and then turn around and plunk him in a stroller that won't fit between your car and your clueless neighbor. It happens all. the. time. and it's a recipe for a red-faced, huffy, and sometimes weepy mama, let me tell you. I used to look longingly at those diagonal lines next to the handicapped parking spaces and all of the beautiful room they entail. And then there are the genius parking garages like the one at our neurologist/geneticist office building, that has the elevators on the opposite side of the garage from the pedway and street entrance, so if you can't park on the pedway floor or right next to the elevator, it's a massive undertaking to get you and your kiddo and everything that goes along with him to the right place. Not to mention the extra-small parking garage spaces that exacerbate the above scenario. In situations like these, we plan our entire trip around parking and I am utterly spent by the time we get back in the car.

We probably won't use the parking permit all of the time. I am able-bodied and fully capable of doing what Collin needs in most situations, so we will leave those precious spaces for people who might need them more than us. But for those other times, when just getting us in and out of the car is enough to send my sanity over the edge and into the Abyss of Frustration and Exhaustion, at least we have another option now.

Monday, October 10, 2011


This post requires two precursors:

1. A reminder that we at Collin the Champ established long ago that if talking about poop makes you uncomfortable, this might not be the best blog for you. 

2. A humble apology that I have completely dropped the ball in regard to MOOM. It is ridiculous that the MOOM category of posts only has 4 entries. With the year we've had, you should be sick of hearing about Collin's accomplishments by now. My only consolation is that Collin's awesomeness has become such a common thing that I've gotten used to it.

Ok. So now that we're all on the same page:

Collin poops on the potty now, people. As in, every day.

I am not kidding you. I have changed a total of two dirty diapers in the past two weeks and he was NOT happy about either one, making it very clear that I had messed up big time in not getting him to the pot on time.

How did this come about, you ask? Well, on our way home from vacation, we started noticing that every time we would stop the car and get Collin out, he would immediately poop. As we got closer to home at the end of the 12+ hour trip, he grew increasingly fussy and sometimes almost panicky, like he was in pain. I couldn't find anything wrong, but when we got home, he promptly made a massive dirty diaper. I wouldn't have blamed him for rolling his eyes as the lightbulb appeared over my head and I realized that he had been holding it. He didn't want to poop in his car seat. He had been picky in other ways for months, especially preferring to go in a clean diaper. But surely this couldn't mean...

I have to admit that I had assumed that potty training was something we would never do. Before Collin was born, I read books on elimination communication and had dreams of my little one wearing cloth diapers (just for backup) for a brief time before he moved to cute little undies at a crazy early age. Once we found out about Collin's Infantile Spasms and started to absorb the extent of his special needs, I pushed all of that aside. How could he be potty trained when he couldn't even communicate with me? When he didn't have the ability to even sit on a potty? And if he couldn't control his muscles enough to grasp something in his hand, surely he couldn't control his bodily functions. Right?

But something was nagging at me after that incident with the car seat. And I thought that there wasn't any reason why I couldn't just put him on the potty a couple of times a day, maybe establishing a schedule that he could use sometime down the road if he wanted to. It would be a multi-purpose exercise: allowing me to use the information I had read about before Collin (a redeeming experience), giving me the chance to put my child on the potty (similar to the tricycle we talked about here), and opening up a little window of hope. Not that we needed a potty-trained child in order to have hope for his future, but rather the fact that we were entertaining a notion that we had previously deemed impossible - that kind of hope does things to you.

So one morning, with no preparation and very little forethought, I just took Collin's diaper off, trotted him across the hall to the bathroom, and sat him on the toilet. I explained to him about the potty, made peepee sounds (no, I will not make them for you), and just enjoyed the moment, knowing that it wasn't likely that anything would happen since he rarely pees or poops early in the morning. But instead, he started pooping. And he loved it. He smiled and kicked and pooped and pooped and pooped. It was like he was saying 'finally!'

And you better believe I took a picture of that poop. You will never see it on here, though, per Collin's request. (Why the above picture is okay with him, I can't explain.)

I cautioned myself, rationalizing that it could have been a coincidence, but when he did it again after 2 hours of a clean diaper, I ran out and bought a couple of potty seats because my arms couldn't handle the strain of holding him over the vastness of the grown up potty.  (SIDE NOTE: I ended up returning both of those potties soon thereafter. One was an actual potty seat and the other was a cushy toilet seat adapter and they cost over $60 together. The next day, I found a cool toilet seat at a consignment store [NOT GROSS. It looked like new and I sanitized it when I got it home AND it was six dollars AND it looked like a football AND said All-Star on it!] and a few days later I found the exact same potty seat for $3. That means I saved over $50. High fives all around.) He has pooped in the potty every day since. It's kind of surreal. No pee yet. He holds it until he gets his diaper on and then lets loose.  Oh well. If I had to pick one for the potty, it would definitely be the poop.

I have to admit that I have looked at Collin differently these past two weeks. I find myself wondering even more than normal just what is going on in that head of his. It makes me simultaneously excited to find out and impatient to find a way to help him communicate it to me. But then I remember that Collin only does things in his own time. Sometimes he prefers to remain mysterious and sometimes he is practically tapping his foot waiting for you to catch up. What a 2 year-old.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Punkin Head

Well, we're back up and running and somehow in the process we ended up with a snazzy new blog. I hope you like it, because I'm not changing it. Sorry about the overwhelming awesomeness of our banner picture. I'll try for something smaller next time.

And here are the aforepromised pictures of our recent trip to pumpkin patch, to reward you for your patience.