Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reunited, And It Feels So Good!

Aside from the scary retching-stomach-virus-complications and the difficulty getting back on food and the being far away from Kyle, Collin and I had such a great time at Nana and Grandad's for half of June. We visited with family, sat on the porch, took occasional trips into town, ate lots of good food, and watched lots of good movies. And we got to end our visit by celebrating one year of seizure freedom for Collin!

It has been SO GREAT to be back home with Kyle, though. He and Collin have had some major father/son bonding time over the past week. Even though things are still in disarray around the house, we all feel better just being together.

Collin is doing so well and after months of stress from retching and sickness, it feels wonderful to enjoy this happy calm. His retching has all but disappeared and he is quickly regaining his strength from those very difficult weeks. We are doubling up on aquatherapy this summer and I feel like we're already seeing the benefits in the form of trunk and neck strength.

Collin also has finally been reunited with his best bud and cousin, Ila, who turned the big 0-1 on Wednesday! The two spent some fun time hanging out in the afternoon and getting reacquainted after their too-long separation. I know it looks like Collin was bored, but he was really just pooped from all of the excitement.

The home renovation is plugging along. Our bedroom furniture is back upstairs, but we still have a ways to go on the bathroom, which means no shower in the house. But the end is in sight and we're trying to pace ourselves in this last stretch, making time for a little bit of fun and relaxation as we go.


  1. Love to read such good news and see pictures of one of my favorite families. Let the good times keep rolling on! Ila is beautiful...already 1? Unbelievable!

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