Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Making the Most of Things

I may not have mentioned this, but three days before Collin came down with his first stomach virus a couple of weeks ago, we had just moved our entire upstairs downstairs in preparation for a fairly major home renovation we had been wanting to do for years. Things were so stable with Collin, so we decided to seize the moment.

Dramatic pause to let irony sink in.

When we got out of the hospital two weekends ago, the reality of what lay ahead of us was sinking in. Collin was still far from well. The bathroom demolition had barely even started. I had had no sleep for days. If we stayed in the house, everything would have to be structured around Collin's sleep schedule. So, we made a tough decision and packed up Collin and myself and headed to my family's farm in northern Kentucky, leaving Kyle behind to kick the renovation into high gear.

Needless to say, the situation is not ideal. Our home is a complete disaster. We're a hundred miles apart. Kyle is working all day, then coming home and working on the house all night (with the help of some amazing friends and family). We were initially only supposed to be gone for up to a week. Instead, Kyle came to visit us on Saturday and then went home for another week of hard work.

But we are making the most of things. I haven't gotten to spend this much time with my parents in years, so (especially now that Collin is doing so much better), I'm enjoying being in the place I grew up, with all of my extended family around. My parents, of course, are relishing the time with Collin and are taking good care of me as I recover from the stress of the past few weeks. We have a different daily schedule that, since we're so far away from home and didn't bring any equipment on our last-minute trip, doesn't include much therapy at all. Instead, Collin watches a lot of Baby Einstein videos and goes outside and plays with the 3 toys I had the presence of mind to bring. And, of course, we talk to Daddy every day. Collin loves to hear Kyle's voice on the phone. His eyes get huge and he turns toward the phone and smiles.

Kyle and I are definitely both struggling with being apart, especially after the difficulty of Collin's sickness and hospitalization. You don't realize just how much someone lightens your load until they're not there. We're just taking it one day at a time and trusting that this won't last.


  1. It is so wonderful you have such a supportive and helpful family!

  2. We're thinking about you all. Keep being the strong, grateful, inspired and inspiring people that you are. Sending hugs and healing your way,
    the Willises

  3. So glad that you can be w/your parents and so sad that Kyle is far away. I would love to see Colin's "huge" eyes. :)

  4. Thinking and praying for you all...and missing you guys!! I know it is very tough to be gone from home, but I know you have amazing parents so I hope you can enjoy that time together and get some needed rest!! Love-Karen