Monday, June 6, 2011

Long Story Short

- Because of complications that his stomach virus caused with the ketogenic diet, Collin spent Friday night in the hospital getting fluids and being monitored.

- He was released Saturday with Zofran (anti-nausea) and a doubled daily dose of Prevacid. We were instructed to slowly reintroduce his regular meals. This was not a good idea. It had such a bad effect on his little digestive system that his symptoms were almost worse than ever.

- Collin had his worst morning yet today. Zofran seems to have no effect at all. I spent the day on the phone and email with Collin's dietitians, pediatrician, and the Cincinnati Aerodigestive team. We are slightly lowering his ratio while he's sick to keep him out of ketoacidosis and to make it a little easier for his digestive system to handle his food. We are also doubling his probiotic for a couple of days to recolonize his digestive tract. Finally, we are concentrating on easy to digest foods by using cream instead of oil as his fat source and integrating foods like broth, rice cereal, and eventually baby foods.

- Collin is very weak after so many days of stress and insufficient nourishment. He is currently on a constant drip of chicken broth and cream.

- Please pray that Collin is able to handle this broth and cream combination and that he turns a corner soon. Otherwise, we're headed back to the hospital.

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  1. Lots of prayers for you, Kyle, and Collin! Please, let us know if there are any errands we can run for you to ease the burden a bit.
    love jessica