Thursday, February 17, 2011

Keto Kid

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Collin starting the ketogenic diet. This is a picture from his hospital admission for initiation of the diet. He had finally passed out after almost a hundred seizures and lots and lots of medicine. I remember it as the first time I had taken a deep breath in days.

We are now going on 8 months of seizure control. He has not been on anti-epileptic drugs of any kind for 7 months. I do not take that for granted.

Collin had an EEG Monday to get a look at whether the ketogenic diet has affected his brain activity even though we're not seeing obvious seizures anymore. When I saw Dr. Awesome this morning, he described the epileptic activity on the EEG as "negligible" -- a "99% improvement." Aside from mild slowing in the background and very rare small epileptic discharges, Collin's EEG has normalized. At four months old, Collin's EEG was so chaotic and startling that the technician didn't believe the leads were really connected at first and once she realized what was going on she called the emergency room.

So, when I have mornings like this one, when nurses at the pediatrician's office ask totally clueless and insensitive questions about Collin's development, it honestly doesn't bother me...very much. I know how far that little brain has come and it makes me too thankful and hopeful to get very worked up about where his circles fall on a little development chart.


  1. "a 99% improvement" HOLLA!!!!

    I know we just celebrated his birthday but this seems like an appropriate time for some cake!

  2. This is such great news! So So happy to hear it!

  3. Words are not enough to express my excitment! I am SO very thankful keto was his miracle! Collin you are a rockstar!!