Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today is my second favorite day of the year: Kyle's birthday (a not-so-close second to Christmas Eve). The only bad thing about Kyle's birthday is coming up with a birthday present. Mostly because he doesn't like anything. And what he does like he doesn't trust anyone else to get for him. And anyone spending money makes him sick to his stomach.

Last year, I kicked major butt with Collin's first music video (There was also this one later. I think we may be due for another one soon.)

This year, Collin and I collaborated a little more equally and got Kyle...suspenseful moment of silence...Collin's first ever drawing.

It was no small feat and involved socks on the hands, tiny markers, packing tape, and elbow props, but it was pretty darn magical to watch and I think we enjoyed making it almost as much as Kyle enjoyed hanging it on the fridge.


  1. Ok, surely we can all agree, (even though it costs money) that that masterpiece deserves a FRAME. Bulldog clips just won't do.

  2. Tell Kyle belated Hapy Birthday for us! Beautiful artwork :)