Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hit the Ground Running

I had intended for our first week back from vacation to be fairly calm to help with the transition, but somehow it got away from me and ended up being packed and exhausting. We started Monday morning with our sleep medicine consult. I originally thought I was going to refer to our doctor as Dr. Grouchface, but instead I have settled on Dr. Snarky. He started off our appointment by asking me to switch seats because he prefers to sit where I was sitting. At first, I thought he was joking, but I was wrong. The rest of the appointment was also one long, unsuccessful attempt to tell when and whether he was joking. I did end up getting enough real information to determine that I thought the sleep study would be worthwhile and was a little surprised when they had a spot for us two days later. So, Wednesday night was our night. I was fairly sure it would be pretty smooth, because we would both be there with Collin, in a private room with no alarms and no interruptions.

Now someone, please please please, explain to me how you're supposed to get anything close to an accurate representation of a normal night's sleep in this get-up. I'm serious. The minute they tried to stick in that nasal canula, it was all over for Collin's sleep and the "mittens" (otherwise known as arm restraints that don't require you to strap your child to the bed) they put on him to keep him from pulling it out sealed the deal. He did not sleep. Which means we didn't either. And, of course, during the brief moments when we would all drift off from sheer exhaustion, one of the supposedly nonexistent alarms would go off or the nurse would come in to force the canula back into Collin's nostrils. Collin was so out of sorts the next morning that he was crying while they peeled off all of his probes and then feel asleep immediately afterward and slept all the way through the bloodwork he had to have at the hospital that morning, just to spite the sleep study people.

It took us a while to recover from that night, but Collin still did great during his aquatherapy session Thursday (rolled over and sat up on command!) and we're setting all kinds of exciting goals for him over the next 6 months.

Also, Collin's fancy-schmance chair finally came in this week after being hung up in German customs for several weeks. It is fully adjustable and high tech and I'm sure it will be wonderful for him...once we figure out how to use it.

This week is full of appointments (including a follow-up with Dr. Snarky to get the results of what we're calling the Sleepless Study) and therapies. But the thing we're looking forward to most is that we have finally hired help with our Michelle P waiver money and we have two fantastic ladies starting this week. I will be having help Tuesday and Thursday mornings and a few hours Monday-Thursday afternoon. It will be a bit of an adjustment, but I think it is going to be so good for all of us.

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  1. It looks like there are about 8 million wires in that picture. Were they monitoring each individual cell to see how it slept? Craziness.

    Enjoy your Tuesday and Thursday mornings and afternoons!!!