Friday, August 6, 2010

Try, Try Again

Well, I've had ultrasound treatments, chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy and I'm finally running again after The Sprain That Ate My Foot. And so, Kyle, my sister and I will be participating in another 5K in a few weeks! (Do you like how I said 'another' like I actually ran in the first one?)

The annual Stampede for VIPS is a huge event to benefit Collin's school - remember? the one where he did his first craft? where he went to his first ever picnic right after being diagnosed with Infantile Spasms last year? where he peed his pants from excitement in his first music class? It is private and non-profit, which means they need to come up with their own money and this event is one of the heavy-hitters in that department. The 5K is just one of the many fun things that will be going on at Churchill Downs Saturday, August 28th, so come on down if you don't have anything planned.

It's true that visual impairment is only one small aspect of Collin's challenges, but VIPS provides a place where he is totally accepted and encouraged to try things he might never do otherwise, so we are happy and proud to support them in this way. And YOU can even go to Collin's personal Stampede page and join us in supporting one of our very favorite places!

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