Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stampede Success

The Stampede for VIPS 5K was a big success all around this weekend. I completed my first 5K run, Collin walked the course with Kyle, and Cousin Ila even got to walk the final lap with her mom. It was a little on the hot side and there was almost no shade on the course, but it was fun to run on the track at Churchill Downs and the volunteers were very friendly and encouraging all along the way. Best of all, Collin raised 112% of his fundraising goal! A huge thank you to all who so generously helped us raise money for Collin's school! He'll be sending out thank you notes soon. ;-)

An interesting part of the race was that they supplied a Krispy Kreme donut cart where you could build your own donut after finishing the race. The very thought made me a little pukey and the ketogenic diet (and mama) won't allow donuts for Collin, but he did get something just as good.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Collin,

    I love you very much and I am SO happy the ketogenic diet is doing amazing things for you. However, I feel that you deserve honesty above all else and obligated to inform you that a Krispy Kreme hat is NOT as good as an actual Krispy Kreme...no matter how adorable you look in it. ;)