Monday, August 30, 2010

Quote From Collin's Cardiologist

"The bad news is for me today. Collin won't be coming back anymore. All of the holes have closed and his heart is completely normal."

Whooopeeeeeeee! One less doctor!

The only bad things that happened during the appointment was that I saw that his 2 year molars have started coming in on the bottom. WHAT?! We're still battling the premolars! This kid is a teething overachiever.


  1. Maybe we should formulate some parting gift for those getting kicked off Team Collin. I have a feeling it might become a more regular occurrence...or maybe they can just hand their jerseys off to all the dentists he'll need. ;)

  2. WAHOOOO!!!! That is fantastic news!!! When is rains it pours! 2010 is turning out to be a great one for you and Collin! :) We couldn't be happier. :)


    PS - B finished his teething early too. It's nice once they're all in because it makes it easier to troubleshoot any fussiness.

  3. You guys are on a roll?! I guess Collin is just making sure he's in an excellent place for enjoying your up-coming vacation. You guys deserve it!

  4. boy got more teeth than an alligator ; )