Tuesday, August 24, 2010


And when I say 'hooray', I don't mean 'whoopee!' I mean "WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

We found out on Friday that, after literally months and months of struggle and discouragement and researching and nailbiting, we FINALLY got the official approval for Collin's Michelle P waiver. This means that instead of the traditional Medicaid waiver he had been receiving which is more of a medical waiver and only provided us with limited respite support, he now has a waiver designed specifically for individuals with developmental disabilities. So, we will now receive money from Medicaid intended to get Collin the help he needs.

Which means that we will be able to hire someone (or multiple someones) to come into our home and help me with Collin's therapies and care.

Which means that Collin will get even more one-on-one time than he does now.

And that I will be able to cook dinner sometimes and make Collin's numerous phone calls and think critically about therapies and equipment instead of just getting by. I'll be able to do what I do with more efficiency and creativity and energy because I'll actually have two minutes to rub together.

So, that was a pretty good kickoff to our Just Us Weekend. We celebrated with lots of rest, long walks, ice cream cones, and a trip to the art museum.

I think we're going to make it to vacation.


  1. AAAAAMMMMMEEEENNNN!!!! Maddie was 6 years old before I received my first respite nurse. I completely understand! You are so deserving! You go Girl!! I totally recommend a Mani/Pedi! Take some of that time for yourself too! It will refresh you!

  2. AMAZING! That is sooooooo awesome!!!!

  3. It is such a blessing, having someone to help. I still have a really hard time letting them do certain things like meds though. I will get it all ready and the hand it to her. I know, I just want to make sure its right. :) We also went through about 4 until we found the right fit. I have also recuited a nurse and possibly a 2nd one from kosair on 5W. Love the girls there!!

  4. Congratulations! This is exciting, though don't spend all of your two minutes on cooking :) Maybe you can squeeze in some Annie-time too.