Friday, August 20, 2010

Catch Up

Someone somewhat politely brought to my attention recently that there has been a picture drought on this blog of late. Let me try to remedy the problem with this pictorial summary of a few things Collin has been up to.

Collin's school group is taking a break in August, but the last time he went, it was bug day. He had a good time feeling the bugs, reading bug books, and going to his very first music class, which almost made him completely lose it with happiness.

Collin has been working hard on head and trunk control this summer. His hard work in the pool and at home are paying off in the form of brief periods of *very* supported sitting.

A favorite new pastime is hanging out with little cuz Ila. They like to feel each other's face and have pooting contests. At this point, Ila has a winning record.

One of the biggest things we've been working on is eating. Collin still gets vital stim therapy twice a week and we will soon be working with an additional speech therapist to hopefully kick his progress into high gear. He accepts food fine, but doesn't do much with it once it gets in his mouth. Here, Collin is enjoying blueberries for the first time. Who knew you could have delicious fruit on the ketogenic diet?!

And here's the grand finale. Listen closely for the snorting.

Laugh it Up from Annie Kratzsch on Vimeo.


  1. Pictures AND a video! You definitely made up for the lapse :) It is good to hear snorts. It seems like your burn-out break worked.

    Collin looks so happy in every picture! What a great smile?! I just noticed that almost every sentence I've typed ends in an exclamation point...sorry about that :)

    P.S. Tell Tessa that my Dad said Ila is adorable...he met her at Panera.

  2. I laughed too. The snort reminds me of you. :)