Thursday, August 12, 2010


We've got it bad around here.

I've been noticing this weariness for the past few weeks and I just couldn't shake it with the random nap or trip to Target by myself. Every therapy, every appointment, every obligation, no matter how productive or enjoyable, just felt like too much. Even on days when not much was going on, we were feeling the stress of the every-day and anything extra or unexpected (like Collin's poop-of-all-poops last night that required dismantling his high chair and throwing away a perfectly good set of mardis gras beads) sent us careening into stress-out land. Even Collin, though he is still cooperative with his therapies and making slow but steady progress, seems a little lackluster, almost like he's bored.

And when I thought about it more, I realized that none of us have really had any kind of a true break in recent memory. Like, since Collin was born. We took one week off from therapies last year, but that's it.

We have a much-awaited vacation coming up the week of Labor Day, but that's weeks away. So, we had a family meeting Monday night at dinner and came up with a plan of survival so we can make it to our week of rejuvenation. The basic tenets are as follows:

1. Minimal cooking, which leads to
2. Minimal cleaning
3. Minimal therapies - this is a hard one, because it's so much a part of what Collin does every day, but we narrowed it down to his NACD program and regular time in the pool
4. Minimal commitments - we backed off on a couple of things, even though we really like them, and declared one "Just Us Weekend" between now and vacation.
5. More exercise (or at least the same amount) - for us, one surefire way to avoid a mounting stress storm is to do some yoga or take a run, so we're making room to do that as much as we can/want.

SIDE NOTE: Speaking of running - Collin is doing a great job on his goal for the Stampede for VIPS 5K in a few weeks. I felt bad that I hadn't raised any money yet, but he told me not to worry about it and that he would take care of the fundraising so I could focus on running without injuring anything else. And I said 'ha ha'. And he said 'lighten up'.

ANYWAY. I feel like we've seen positive results already. Collin is taking great naps during the day, which is a nice change, and has really enjoyed getting back in the water more often. I'm feeling less frazzled and we're all benefiting from more downtime together. There's no better medicine.

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  1. DUDE. It's the H-E-A-T.

    Everything is effort in 100 degree heat, even if you are inside all day.

    Would you like us to pick you up on our way to the beach on Saturday? ;)