Friday, July 9, 2010

Busy Busy

Hi folks. Sorry for the delay. Things have been busy busy busy around here. After our last post, Collin's seizures changed to something that looked more like Infantile Spasms again and we narrowly missed another stay in the hospital. Then as soon as we got the seizures under control and things calmed down, the best thing ever happened...

Collin got a cousin! Meet Ila (that's EYE-LAH, not LLLLLAHHHH, as these pesky sans serif letters make it look. I expect myself to type llama half the time.) She's cute and loud and eats like a champ. And speaking of champ - her mom kicked major booty for 19 hours bringing her into the world.

So, we've been busy getting to know Ila and just taking care of the same ol' everyday things. But Collin is the supreme multi-tasker and has done all of this PLUS the following list of awesomeness:

- held his head up for 15 seconds in aqua therapy
- kicked on command in the pool
- dominated aqua therapy and became a major water baby
- turned toward his mama's voice for the first time
- learned to intentionally turn on his favorite mirror toy
- made progress in sucking pureed food off a spoon
- generally made strides in being more interactive with listening and looking

And, as we all know, Collin is constantly buying cool stuff. This month, he got an amazing chair swing that is hanging in the den and a Vitamix blender so he can move away from baby food on his blenderized diet. The only problem is that Mama fell slightly in love with the Vitamix and has been using it all the livelong day. Luckily, Collin doesn't mind sharing.


  1. YEAH Ila!!! And a big birth rock start gold star to Tessa!

    Also do I really need to say it? Where is the video of aforementioned list of awesomeness?!?

  2. So great to all!!! I honestly have been stalking the vitamix online for weeks now. I really want one sigh.... Does that mean I am getting old when I covet an appliance?:) I is so wonderful to hear all of the great news! Congrats on the beautiful new baby.

  3. You have been busy beavers! I'm not exactly sure what a Vitamix is, but I'm leaving this page to google it. It definitely sounds intriguing. Tell Tessa that Ila is beautiful, and it looks like she and Collin have already become good friends :)

  4. Congrats to Tessa on the darling little baby. And Collin the big cousin holding her is sooooo sweet! I have heard great things about vitamix. Sounds like Collin has taken off running! Glad to hear things are going well.