Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No Rest for the Weary

I thought things were getting better. It seemed like there were a few nights when Collin was getting up less, but maybe I was just so exhausted that I was sleeping through more.

Last night, Collin got me up 1 - 2 times an hour from 10pm till 7am. And those were just the times I actually got out of bed. My handy dandy new video monitor saved me quite a few unnecessary trips. But I'm still feeling a little on the crazy side this morning.

We're giving the clonazepam every 36 hours through the end of this week, then every 48 hours, and then we'll be done. I'm hoping that the slow pace of the wean will allow his body to set up its own schedule with minimal discomfort, but I have to say that I'm tempted to just stop so he can go ahead and adjust and get it over with. I'm considering melatonin to help with the process. Lots of kids with seizure disorders use it at some time or another. But the thought of adding something new makes my shoulders tense up to my ears, since you never know what will trigger seizures with Collin.

We have our first aqua therapy session today, which I was super excited about until last night happened. I wonder if they have an option in which mama takes a nap on the side of the pool.

UNRELATED SIDE NOTE: Sunday evening, we picked up burritos and took them to the park to enjoy the unusually beautiful weather. Kyle sat with Collin in the car while I picked up the food, and as I was on my way out the door, I heard someone say 'Boo.' I looked around in confusion for a minute until I realized that it was our beloved neurologist, Dr. Awesome. I hadn't recognized him in his t-shirt and ball cap. So, that is the kind of guy he is. He could have let me walk by and I never would have known, but he recognized me, went out of his way to stop me, introduced me by name to his lovely daughter, and proceeded to ask detailed questions about Collin. Who knows how many hundreds of patients this man has right now. And that is reason number 56 why his name is not an exaggeration.

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  1. Did they let you sleep beside the pool? You need some serious rest, my dear. Not telling you anything you don't know. Hope this transition is soon over so all can get some z's. Dr. Awesome is a real gem!Special people usually make an impression on those they meet. Guess that's why Dr. A remembers you guys!