Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Golden Slumbers

Collin is not sleeping these days. Well, not at night, anyway. At first I thought it was the full moon or something (which it was), but then the trend continued. There were a couple of nights when I got up almost every 15 minutes all night. Seems like I would just get up and do something productive, huh?

So, we're thinking it might be related to the weaning of his last seizure medicine, clonazepam. It's a sedating medicine and he has been on varying doses of it for almost a year, so a wean is bound to affect his sleep cycles. He's down to half of a pill once a day, and based on my experience I think that the end of a wean is the hardest. So, after this week, we will space the half pills out to every other day, every third day, etc. to give him as much of a chance as possible to adjust with minimal side effects.

At least he's not upset while he's awake. On the contrary, he gets talking or squealing and can't get calmed down. Here's some video from this weekend, when we discovered that he thought the sound of whipped cream spraying was hilarious. First, we emptied almost the whole can on our plates and then Grandad figured out how to make the sound on his own.

This, of course, is right before bedtime.

Funny Stuff from Annie Kratzsch on Vimeo.


  1. HIGH-larious. I will make sure and bring several cases of whipped cream on my next visit.

    Also seriously digging the new masthead :)

  2. what a delightful giggle!! what a hoot!

  3. Sleep is so overrated and Collin has just figured out how much time he wastes by doing so. Besides he would rather entertain everyone in the house in the wee hours of the night!

    The whipped cream giggle is just toooooooooo cute! He is precious and I still love the Joe Cool look.

  4. First off, LOVE the new Collin picture header! What a great way to usher in summer time! He got me in the mood to catch some rays. :)

    Secondly, that video is the most precious thing ever! I bet it was even better in person--I am so jealous. ;) Even Bertrand paused his ACTH-powered rampage to watch--and Collin got two thumbs up from these reviewers! ;)

    Lastly, your sleepless energizer bunny reminded me a lot of what Marissa and her parents went/ are going through with a few of her weans.

    Love you all! Keep on laughing!

  5. Elliott asked to see the video twice because he was so excited. That was a great laugh. Tell your Dad he may have a new career ahead of him. I can't imagine that there are many whipped cream can impersonators out there to offer much competition.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing :) It was great to hear Collin's giggle, but it was also such a treat to hear your whole family rejoicing in life's simple pleasures. We love you all!!