Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One of Those Days

At one point this morning, I just stopped for a moment to look at the walls and ceiling and estimate how much of Collin's morning meal I would need to replace.

That's a pretty good picture of our day so far. I won't go into all the details, but it involves a finicky syringe shooting pureed cream/beef/green beans with the force of a fire hose. Twice. Because I'm a slow learner, apparently. And when I finally got what was left of the food in a syringe and Collin's tube plugged in, it didn't latch, which I didn't discover until later, when I found him sitting in a puddle of food and medicine. The fiasco ended with me wiping down the counters, cabinets, ceiling, walls, and floor, washing everything that was sitting out, giving Collin a bath, and taking a shower. Because not only was it in my hair and down my shirt, but also the creases of my eyelids. And, naturally, the face of the shower head fell off while I was cleaning up.

Collin had a seizure last night, which is what I blame for the catastrophe. He had been exactly two weeks seizure free and then, seemingly out of nowhere, had a seizure at bedtime. I am fully aware that one seizure in two weeks is a dream compared to the dozens he used to have in a day (hundreds if you count back to spasms), but as I'm sure other parents of kids with seizure disorders will attest, the first seizure after a seizure-free period is like a punch in the gut. This made for a lousy night's sleep for all involved, and so I was not at my prime this morning.



  1. OR we could look at green beans in the eyelid crease as the start of an adventure?

    Ok maybe not. I just thought it was worth a shot ;)

    At the very least it can only get better from here on out right!?!

  2. Oh my. I am so sorry about Collin's seizure! :( After 2 weeks, that's one heck of a gut punch. (You know I know how that goes.)

    I feel a similar way about Bertrand's seizures now. They are greatly reduced, so I should feel lucky, but I can't help but wish for seizure freedom for him. I think that's normal. Moms always want the best for their kids. :)

    Hope the rest of the day goes better for you two and that you got all the baby food out of your eyelids. ;)

  3. Dang, that's a bad day/night. Remember the time Mom dropped a dish of jello that she was making as she was putting it into the fridge? I've never seen anything cover a whole room so efficiently. There was red jello inside the fridge, outside the fridge, behind the fridge probably, walls, ceiling etc. Collin probably enjoyed the tactile stimulation though. And the extra bath. : )

  4. Just look at it this way...you were presented with an opportunity to get some surprise spring-cleaning done (as if you have nothing else on your plate, right?). So...if you look at it that way, you really had a productive morning. (At least telling yourself that may help ease some of the frustration...?)

  5. Well, squeaky clean - cleanliness is next to Godliness so I guess your household is very holy today! It's one of those things - if you didn't laugh about it, you would certainly cry. Hope the seizure was an incidental.

  6. I just hope you didn't clean up between syringe one and two; having to do it all twice would have definitely added insult to injury.