Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh Well

I woke up yesterday morning to a clap of thunder, and that cinched it. I had been wavering on whether or not to tough the race out with my foot and the rain, but when lightning entered the picture, it made the decision easier.

Rest assured that, as soon as my stupid foot heals, Collin and I will be running our own, private Hope & Possibility 5K right here in our neighborhood, and we'll be sure to post pictures. Thanks to all of our fantastic supporters.


  1. Let us know when you run your private 5K! I had a similar situation (sans painful wipeout) yesterday. Sadly, we missed the Rett Syndrome benefit last night because I was horribly ill and Bertrand's ACTH just started and wasn't/isn't going as well as planned. Sometimes, plans change. Oh well.

  2. Instead of pictures, can I just get a video of you running around your yard to Chariots of Fire?

    Thought it was worth asking ;)