Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No Idea

I wish I could say that Monday night's seizure was a fluke.

When I laid Collin down for his afternoon nap yesterday, he started seizing again -- a mixture of tonic and tonic-clonic seizures. There were just a couple in the afternoon and one or two at bedtime. I had to beg out of the first part of my Collin duty because I got really ill all of a sudden (something I ate, maybe?), but when I took over at 2, he started having one or two an hour for the rest of the night and neither one of us slept from that point on.

Of course, I'm full of speculation as to what might have brought this on all of a sudden - more teeth? a tummy bug? transition to food? Who the heck knows. Not me. So we have put him back on a Tylenol/Oragel regimen and are just hoping that he will be able to get to sleep at some point so he can start building his seizure threshold back up. No luck so far today. He fell asleep on me about an hour ago, but then woke up with a seizure after ten minutes. He's been awake since then, even though it's obvious that he's exhausted.

This has also postponed the clonazepam wean we were planning to start this week. Collin has been officially off of Keppra for a while now and was doing so well that we had decided we were ready to start the next (and last) wean. We're not holding off because we think he needs the clonazepam, but rather because we don't want to aggravate his seizures by giving his body one more stressor to deal with.

So, the best thing that could happen in this house today is two big old fatty naps - one for Collin and one for mama. Keep your fingers crossed for us.


  1. Our fingers are crossed for you guys! Love you both!

  2. My mom was sick. My friend Jessica was sick and now I'm nauseous all of a sudden so if you felt bad too wouldn't surprise me at all if that's what he has too.

    Either way I'll be thinking nap-like thoughts all day!

  3. Hoping for a good night's sleep for all of you and a stap to seizures.

  4. Fingers and toes crossed!