Friday, April 16, 2010

Who Knows

We haven't seen any seizures since Wednesday morning. This is highly unusual, since Collin historically just keeps on going once he starts. So, this could mean that the ketogenic diet is working or that the seizure was brought on by some kind of momentary stress that we couldn't identify. Either way, I don't care. ;-)

We are now getting laughs DAILY from Collin, mostly in response to tickles and shakes and other fun stuff. Maybe the most exciting thing for me, though, is that I think Collin is starting to realize that the things he's seeing are actually there. This might sound like a strange thing to get excited about, but if it's true, it could mean the beginning of so many other things. He is really using his eyes together and you can see him staring and thinking so hard. A couple of times, it has even resulted in a smile, which I take to mean that he was able to make sense of something. Here's hoping.


  1. This is such fantastic news! It made my weekend. I hope Collin's increasing mental clarity continues! :)

  2. In all fairness, I'd be thinking hard if I lived with you and Kyle too. Kidding! Love!

    Also I would like to respectfully respect the following videos:
    1. Laughing in response to tickles
    2. Laughing in response to shakes
    3. Staring
    4. Thinking hard.
    5. Smiles

    Not necessarily in that order. Thanks!

  3. How exciting! Good belly laughs are my favorite; daily doses must be awesome. And what a beautiful time of year to start recognizing the world around you...a good flowering tree is worth taking a gander at :)

  4. Melissa WeatherwaxApril 18, 2010 at 8:11 PM

    Annie, I seriously hope that you consider writing a book. I realize you are busy with other things right now, but you have a gift. You have the only blog I am addicted to. You make me laugh, you make me cry, and you make me think. You have knowledge and creativity that NEEDS to be shared.