Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We may have had a seizure free day yesterday. It's hard to tell for sure, but I didn't see any.

We saw a significant decrease in seizures right away after going up in ratio, but he didn't seem to be feeling well and was still having a handful a day. So we narrowed in on his crazy teething (we have 5 coming in right now) and put him on Tylenol around the clock with oragel swabs in between. He seemed to relax within a day and has been having more restful sleep, which we are hoping is helping to kick these things.

Collin still doesn't seem quite like himself (though he is getting a little more smily and vocal again). We're guessing this is owing to the teething, the weeks of seizures, and the nausea/sleepiness that comes with going up in ratio. We're trying to be patient and give him time to adjust. It's not easy, but it seems to have worked so far, since we haven't had to load him up on meds at any point of this recent stint of seizures.

In other news, Collin had his second Easter. He kindly passed his Easter candy on to the rest of us since the ketogenic diet doesn't exactly allow for such goodness. Luckily, his Easter basket included a soft duck, a jingle Easter egg I made him, some shiny beads, colorful feathers to play with, and a stuffed cardinal that makes the cardinal call when you squeeze it. Jack. Pot.

I couldn't help but think about last year, when I was fighting my own battle and didn't even know it was Easter and didn't get to get my son anything for his first holiday. We were adjusting to g-tube feedings and were still unaware of Collin's underlying neurological issues.

Once again, we're thankful that it's this year and not last year.


  1. A little Easter candy this way Collin! Share the love!

  2. Looks like Collin, Mom and Dad had a happy easter! Yay! I hope that Collin keeps improving--ratio changes are always rough on Bertrand too. Add in physical discomforts and that complicates the pictures. But as long as he is starting to feel better (and you too) it is a good day. Fingers crossed for more SZ free days!

  3. I'm typing in a whisper... congratulations! I hope this day has been repeated.

  4. What a great Easter basket for a great little boy!