Thursday, April 29, 2010

Food, Glorious Food

Yesterday officially marked the beginning of Collin's transition to real food. He had a delicious (I'm assuming it was delicious, neither one of us tasted it) combination of cream, chicken, and green beans. I calculated the correct ratio of fat to protein/carbs using the Ketocalculator program and then carefully measured everything out by weight and blended it. It went through the tube beautifully and he tolerated it with no problems. We'll probably stick with one meal a day for 3-4 days before adding more meals and/or new foods.

We've been hearing and seeing lots of great swallows since starting Vital Stim last week, so we're starting to become hopeful that we're going to see long-term changes from this therapy. He kind of overloaded and shut down during his session on Monday, but we've been doing more oral stimulation since then, so I'm hoping his session this afternoon will be more productive.

Hope and Possibility 5K Status: I've made enough improvement that I will at least be walking Saturday morning. I'm holding on to a faint hope that I might be able to run part of it, but I'm mostly going to be glad to just be there.


  1. That's great news that Collin tolerated his food so well - the progress that you guys are making is awesome. You're always in our prayers!

  2. I hope you're feeling better for tomorrow's race.

    That is such fantastic news for Collin re:VitaStim!