Monday, April 19, 2010

Big Weekend

Collin's first Thunder Over Louisville was a resounding success. We spent the day at Slugger Field with Nana and Grandad, using tickets Kyle was lucky enough to get from work. Collin's Aunt Tess and Uncle Kevin were able to get tickets too, so it was a family affair. We all had a great time watching the Bats lose and taking in the air show. The Jimmy Buffet tribute band concert was a little less enjoyable, though.

Collin was a true champ during such a long day and even took a little nap on my lap. The evening got pretty chilly and we all lost our enthusiasm for fireworks as the temperature dropped and it got later and later. Finally, after waiting all day, we left halfway through the show. Maybe not the smartest decision, but oh well. In retrospect, we probably would have left around 8 so as to be home and warm and comfy in time to watch the fireworks on TV.

Sunday, our good friends the Popps came by on a visit from Chicago. Collin's buddy Sebastian tickled his feet and gave him some nice smooches and they talked loudly to each other without caring much about what the rest of us had to say. The time went by much too quickly and the Popps had to speed off to the airport. I'm assuming they made it home.

Finally, Collin rounded off our exciting weekend by having a tonic-clonic seizure in the middle of the night Sunday. I had leapt out of bed and was halfway down the hallway with Kyle before I realized what was going on. We just caught the very end of it, but Collin was a little shaken. Kyle set the pack-n-play up in our room (it had only been Collin's second night in his own bed over the last several weeks) and we were all eventually able to get back to sleep.

We have a somewhat crazy week ahead of us with meetings, appointments, and more, but we're hoping it will yield some helpful information for moving ahead.


  1. Surviving your first Thunder is definitely a rite of passage for a true Louisvillian :)

    We'll be thinking about you this week as you look for information.

  2. Collin looks like he had a great time at Thunder! Too bad about the TC though. :( I hope the approaching rough week provides some answers!

  3. Our first (and only) Thunder Nicholas ended up having to pee in a bottle. So I'd say Collin is ahead of us. ;)