Saturday, February 6, 2010


This hospital trip was such a blur that I didn't get it together enough to take many pictures.

Here is Collin with his impedance probe in. He made a mad grab for it every time we let go of his hand, so Kyle tied on his earflap hat and I put a sock on his hand. It worked great, although it made Collin a little cranky. Or I guess it could have been the tube in his nose making him cranky. I had a hard time feeling sad for him, though, because the probe tickled his nose (as you can tell by the look on his face) and made him sneeze about a hundred times that night, which was just as devastatingly cute each time.

This is our last morning in the hospital. Collin has just had his lumbar puncture and is waiting for his second round of blood work. The red thing on his right arm is the bandage around his PICC line. He rediscovered his love for his pacifier on our last trip to the hospital and it was priceless on this trip as well. He even got enough practice that he could hold it in his mouth by himself for a brief period of time.

I wanted to get a picture of Kyle wheeling me and Collin through the hospital in a wheelchair since they wouldn't let us walk from one appointment to another, but it didn't work out, so you'll have to use your imagination on that one.


  1. "made him sneeze about a hundred times" and yet you couldn't get a SINGLE time on video.


  2. Hope your weekend has been restful and recuperative. I loved Collin's tickled nose face :)