Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Record

I'm sure some people think it's bizarre to take pictures of something like a hospital stay, but I have found that documenting all momentous parts of Collin's life - both difficult and enjoyable - helps me to keep a more balanced and honest outlook. I also think about showing them to him one day, to show him how far he's come.

This is our first full day in the hospital. None of us had slept all night, and Collin was starting to really feel the effects of the retching and lack of sleep and food. Here, he's trying to play with his beloved Fuzzy Bee book while we wait for an x-ray study of his g-tube.

I'm sure the nurses thought I was a nut for taking a picture of my child crying, but we hadn't seen it in so long and I didn't want Kyle to miss it. We're still thinking it was caused by a combination of extreme hunger and lack of seizure meds. (It wasn't until after this that he started having seizures and they loaded him up on drugs. I have video of the seizures, but that's not something any of us wants to see.)

Here is Kyle talking to Collin during his gastric emptying scan. Collin is bundled up in a rigid wrap to keep him still. The table he's laying on is taking pictures of radioactive materials moving through his digestive system. If you look, you can see the outline of his stomach on the computer screen behind Kyle. He got overheated and started having seizures about 30 minutes in to the 2 hour test.

Finally, Collin started to shut down. The extra seizure meds really threw him for a loop and the constant noise in our shared room stressed us all out. He stopped opening his eyes or making sounds.

Getting into our own room made all the difference, which makes me wish I had pushed harder for it earlier. This is just a few hours after we transfered. We were discharged about 24 hours after this.

Untitled from Annie Kratzsch on Vimeo.


  1. What a video - that boy has rhythm!! (and I think I saw a salsa move in there!) We're so glad you're home - praying that you'll get some good rest.

    All the people at Grassy Creek send their love and prayers.


  2. I think he looks adorable in that crying pictures. When did his hair get so lustrous!?!

  3. Great idea about documenting his progress!He is precious and so cute! Thanks for letting us share these moments with you. I bet he is even happier since he is home.

  4. I'm so glad that you're back home. It was a good 11 month birthday present to sleep in his own bed.

  5. Annie, I truly admire your strength and courage, and watching the video of Collin just made me grin from ear to ear. We'll continue to pray for your family.

  6. I can't believe how long and old he looks in that bed, shakin' that thing! And seconds to the lustrous hair...!

  7. I am glad that you guys are back home! After all of the details and tests and lack of sleep and transferring of rooms, I was so happy to see Collin shake his groove thing. Max and I are keeping all of you in our prayers and thoughts!