Thursday, January 14, 2010

Little Happies = Good Medicine

I was able to sleep some last night, which was great, and when I came in this morning, I found Collin wiggling and smiling in his bed. This was like a big shot of good medicine, since he hasn't really smiled since we've been here. He's tolerating his continuous feeds well so far and it seems like having the food in his system feels so good that he just wants to play. Hopefully, he'll get over the novelty soon and get some sleep, since that's going to be another huge piece of keeping these seizures at bay.

So, just a little something to counteract the effects of last night's post.


  1. Yesss. Little happies = a big deal. I wish I could see a little wiggling, smiling Collin this morning too. Glad to hear the night went better for everyone and hopefully Collin will get some sleep now.

  2. Those moments of happiness can make all the difference...for a moment. I am praying for your physical and emotional peace, Annie and Kyle.

    Love from the Gorries!

  3. Prayers answered! Praise the Lord!!!!!!

    Janet Morgan (Michael's mom)

  4. Kyle is a wise man; you two make an excellent team. Collin couldn't ask for any better. And I'm sure a large part of Collin's smiles and wiggles this morning was excitement at seeing his well-rested mommy.