Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Floor

In the hospital, there's ICU, and then there's 'The Floor', which comprises all of the rooms for less critical patients. Today we got transferred to the Floor and it feels a little bit like snuggling down in a cushy armchair in front of the fire with a cup of something warm and delicious after a long walk in windy sleet. Maybe without shoes. Or any clothes. And maybe carrying something really heavy. And sharp. We have our own bathroom. We can close the door. We get to control the TV (*off*). There are places for both of us to sleep in the same room. I got to take a shower tonight. It's like a medically-monitored heaven.

But the best part about it is that as soon as we got in here and got settled, you could literally see Collin relaxing. All of his levels went to normal and he passed out for two hours - the longest he's slept since we got here. He's been more vocal and less withdrawn and we haven't seen any seizures or apnea episodes. Not to say that we're in the clear, but it certainly is good to see.

We're all already in bed with the lights out, happy to be together and hoping for a night of good rest.

Thanks to everyone for encouraging us daily and going to God on our behalf. We don't tell you often enough how it sustains us.


  1. I'm feeling about 15 pounds lighter now, which means you should feel about 150 pounds lighter.

    We love you.

  2. Rejoicing that Collin is relaxing, seizures at bay and rest for weary parents. Thanks for posting.

  3. A 10:00 bedtime is always good medicine :) I have to say I read your last post twice in an effort minimally to wrap my head around all of your up-coming options and decisions. I am amazed at the clarity with which you absorbed all of that information and your ability to then succinctly write about it. You're amazing.

  4. The result of reading your post was a deep, relaxing, cleansing breath...thanks, Annie for your update.

    Love and prayers,


  5. I had a dream last night (before I read this post this AM) that I got to see you in person and give you a big, giant hug that lasted forever. And I could feel your tensions relaxing, like I was squeezing it out of you. It was awesome. Praise God. =)

  6. Annie and Kyle:
    We're praying for all of brave warriors!
    Love and God bless, Norma and Terry

  7. Oh gosh, I read your title and assumed you had slept on the floor last night. Anyway, praise the Lord! I hope your beautiful baby gets even more rest soon.

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