Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And We're Back

Collin's retching reached an all time high last night, in both intensity and frequency. He could not catch his breath between retches, his lips were turning blue over and over, and he kept retching even when we had allowed him to empty everything from his stomach.

So, we threw a few things in the car and headed to the ER, where they did a reasonably good job of taking care of us - although I was about to eat somebody's face off if one more person asked me the same questions I've already answered 6000 times while I sat there holding my non-breathing baby. We finally acted desperate enough and Collin had some huge retches in front of the right person, who got us into intensive care and suddenly 5 people were working on him at once. They got him on oxygen to help him during the retches, did an IV to draw blood and start some fluids and anti-nausea medicine, even though they didn't think we were really dealing with nausea. It was pretty awful and stressful while they were getting him stabilized, but we finally got things calmed down to a "dull roar" as the attending doctor liked to describe it (he was one of those doctors who likes to use catch phrases rather than communicating normally and intelligently with parents - he pretty much refused to describe the results of Collin's bloodwork as anything more specific than "nothing exciting") and were officially admitted and moved to a room in the intensive care unit, where we settled in for a night of no sleep.

Today, Collin has had a g-tube study, in which they force a contrast solution through his g-tube and take x-rays as it makes its way through his digestive system. We don't have the report on that, but should soon. All of his blood work has come back normal so far. And, of course, we haven't seen a doctor yet.

One interesting thing that happened is that when we got Collin downstairs to do his g-tube study, he suddenly started crying. This from the kid who hasn't cried in months - pretty much since he started his seizure meds. And that's when I realized that it had been about 24 hours since his last dose of medicine, since he had lost it all into the syringe while he was retching last night. This increased our interest in starting the ketogenic diet while we're here, as it would hopefully allow us to reduce or eliminate Collin's medicines.

So for now, we're playing the typical hospital game of waiting not-so-patiently. Collin is finally resting a bit (we're sharing a room, which makes rest almost impossible for any of us) and hasn't retched in a few hours. More news when we have any.


  1. All our love, thoughts, and prayers. Let us know if you need anything (dinner?).

  2. Annie, you three are in our thoughts and prayers. I know you and Kyle have had a rough week for several reasons - keep staying strong. We love you and hope that things get worked out for Collin very soon and you can get back home...

  3. Love you so much. I wish there was so sort of emotional g-tube where we could plug all our support and love right into your emotional reserves. Minus the retching of course.