Monday, December 14, 2009


Collin started having the seizures from the last post again sometime early this morning. We don't know how long he had been having them, because he doesn't make any noise with these, but he was totally exhausted at 5:45, so it might have been a while. We gave him two clonazepam again and they stopped in about 45 minutes. Not sure what this means or where to go from here, but we see the geneticist today, the neurologist tomorrow, and we expect to hear from a pediatric neuroradiologist who is looking at Collin's MRI this week, so hopefully we'll get some kind of answers soon. He is knocked out from the clonazepam, so he won't be sleep deprived for his EEG like they prefer, but too bad. We weren't going to just let him keep seizing so they could catch it on an EEG.

Will post more as we know more. Prayer would be appreciated over these next couple of days.


  1. OO I am so sorry. Ive been praying since the last post and will continue until I hear other wise. Lord grant you all strength!

  2. Heavy doses of prayers from the Gorries!